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Wedding Themes

Congratulations! He or she has finally proposed and you have accepted, you are engaged at last.

Now it is time to decide on what kind of wedding you would both enjoy. Is it going to be a large wedding with 400 guests or a small intimate gathering of a few friends and family. Of course, if you want to get it over in a hurry you can always elope and not tell anyone! but be prepared, your friends and family probably won't forgive you in a hurry if you have swindled them out of a fun party!

Assuming you want to go along with the more traditional wedding ceremony and reception you can mix it up and make it unique and personal by choosing a wedding theme.

What type of wedding theme suits you as a couple, your personalities, your hobbies, your lifestyle?

The wedding theme is your jumping off point.

Once you choose a theme it is much easier to decide on the invitations, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music etc when you have a specific theme to follow.

You can choose from a medieval theme, wild west, seaside, beach, fantasy, romantic, outdoor, holiday, seasonal, country & western themes for your wedding or any other idea you can imagine.


Wedding Theme Ideas

With outdoor wedding themes you always have to consider the weather. What happens if it rains on your special day. Do you have back up plans just in case the weather is not in your favor. Another consideration is where will all your guests park during the ceremony and reception.

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I hope our suggestions for a wedding theme have given you some ideas, there are no limits to what you can choose for your wedding. If you can imagine it - they will come! So get your creative juices flowing and come up with a wedding theme that will make your wedding a special day to remember.