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Wedding Speeches

For centuries, women did not have the same rights as men, and usually played a silent role at weddings.

How times have changed!

These days more and more women are choosing to speak at weddings, from the Mother of the Bride or Groom, to the Bride herself.

So go on and grab that mike!

Wedding Speech - The Bride

As the bride, you have been the center of attention all day.

Guests have travelled from near and far, bestowed you with generous gifts, and helped make your day a truly magnificent one.

A speech is a wonderful way to express your gratitude and let them know just how much you appreciate them!

Begin by thanking the person who spoke before you for their kind words, and then say a few words to anyone who helped make your day what it was. This will likely include your parents, your new in-laws, your wedding party, and your guests. Include a few words to your groom.

Not up to speaking on your own? You may choose to stand with your groom and share the speech, taking turns.

Bridesmaid Speech

Why should the Best Man get all the glory? Chances are, the bridesmaid or maid of honor was the one who spent hundreds of hours on the phone with the bride, made countless trips to the florist, and hand painted hundreds of favors!

It is a wonderful idea to have your Maid of Honor speak on your wedding day.

If you are the MOH and have been asked to speak, prepare your speech well in advance.

Speak from the heart, and give the bride and groom words of affection and warmth – what could be a better gift?

If you don’t know the groom very well, now might be a good time to offer some “tips” on living with the bride!

Wedding Speech - Mother of the Bride/Groom

It has long been customary for the Father of the Bride to speak, but more and more mothers are taking on this role.

Thank everyone for coming and welcome your child’s new spouse to the family. You may wish to include a story about when you first met your future daughter-in-law, or when you knew that your son-in-law was “the one.”

Both mothers may even wish to work together to create a joint speech – what a wonderful way to unify the two families! The mother may wish to give the young couple some sage, and perhaps humorous, advice on married life.

Aside from welcoming her son or daughter’s new spouse, she may also comment on the two families coming together.

Wedding Prayer - Flower Girl

If your flower girl is a little older, you may wish to involve her in the reception.

One increasingly popular way is to have the Flower Girl lead your guests in a short prayer as she says grace before dinner. This is a fairly simple duty which she will enjoy. Or, if she plays an instrument, you may wish to have her play a tune.

Wedding Reception Speeches - Friends & Family

You may wish to have a friend who was not part of the wedding party participate in your reception.

This can include a reading, a poem, or a speech. Or, perhaps you will choose to ask a girlfriend to act as the “Master of Ceremonies” or emcee, which is an increasingly popular role at weddings.

The emcee is often a particularly eloquent friend, family member, or even a friend of a friend (you may pay for this service). The emcee is responsible for ensuring the smooth and timely flow of events at the reception, making announcements, and introductions. Why not ask a close female friend or relative?

Your wedding is a day you will always remember, and the speeches are one of the most memorable parts. Asking a close girlfriend to get involved, either through a speech, a toast, or some other way is a lovely way to incorporate her into your day.

If you are a female making a non-traditional speech at a wedding, you may even wish to comment on it in a witty fashion, such as “Women are not expected to speak at weddings, but those of you who know me know there is no way I could keep silent on a day like today!”

After all, the days of women keeping silent about weddings are long gone!