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Advent Calendars

Christmas is a special time of year when we remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and decorate the home with festive decorations.

Advent celebrates the weeks before Christmas. The idea of an advent calendar originated in 19th century Germany and has become a holiday tradition in many homes around the world.

You can buy them of course and if time is tight it might be the best way to go, however if you have the time and would like something that is more original it is a good idea to create your own family advent calendar.

Count down to Christmas with a hand made advent calendar. A good way to get the kids involved in an arts and crafts project to keep them busy when the "weather outside is frightful". Bring some fun into your preparations for the festive season by getting creative. Your calendar can be a simple or adventurous as you want to make it. You are only limited by your imagination.

How To Make An Advent Calendar

Supplies You Will Need To Make Your Advent Calendar

Instructions For Making Your Advent Calendar

  1. Draw a holiday shape on your cardboard large enough to hold 24 containers. This will form the base of your advent calendar. It could be a christmas tree, a star, a bell or a simple rectangle.
  2. Cut out the shape and place your containers on the cardboard
  3. Decorate the board
  4. Decorate the containers with markers, paints, holiday stickers, glitter etc. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Number the containers from 1 to 24
  6. Glue on the containers - these could be in a random or fixed pattern but make sure you can open them easily when the time comes!
  7. Add surprises in each container - this could be a small toy or candy
  8. Beginning on December 1 open one container a day as you countdown to Christmas

Advent Calendar Ideas

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