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Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating the 30th wedding anniversary of a married couple?

For many couples, their thirtieth anniversary is a quieter affair, often celebrated with just close family and friends.

Another milestone in your marriage, it's worth taking time out to really celebrate, whether it's a party, special meal out or simply a well deserved trip to somewhere you've always wanted to go.

Wedding Anniversary Flower

The traditional wedding anniversary flower for a 30th wedding anniversary is the SWEET PEA. Your wife would love to receive a bouquet of flowers which include the traditional flower for a pearl wedding anniversary or you can include the sweet pea as a theme in decorations for a 30th wedding anniversary party.

Plan A Wedding Anniversary Trip of a Lifetime

At this point in your marriage you really deserve a special trip away from the real world where you can just escape reality and spend some time together as a loving couple.

A trip to an exotic location or a sight seeing tour with just the two of you going to some of the places you have always dreamed of should be in your plans. If you plan ahead you can have lots of money saved up and not have to worry about the expenses. Instead you can just enjoy your trip and remember the love and romance of your past thirty years together as you look ahead to the next thirty years together.

Plan your trip far ahead of time so you can save up and prepare for all that the long vacation will entail.

Perhaps there is a special place the two of you have always wanted to go but never been able to because life got in the way?

Or maybe you want to go back and relive a trip you took in your younger years. If so, then that is exactly what you should do. But if not, there are tons of romantic locations, here are a couple favorites.

Celebrate Your Pearl Wedding Anniversary with a Tour through Europe

Take in some history as you travel from country to country with your Euro pass that will allow you to take the public rail system through all of Europe. Romance is in the air as well as lots of incredible monuments, events and scenic escapes. And keep your bellies empty because you will want to try the food of each nation in authentic sidewalk cafés, restaurants and pubs.

Visit Australia and New Zealand for Your 30th Wedding Anniversary

They are some of the most remote countries in the world and house a continent full of mysteries and excitement. Hike in the outback, see a kangaroo, visit the sheep of New Zealand, go scuba diving to see the best reefs and most thrilling sharks in the world. There are tons of things to do and see where the water is warm and the sun is always out.

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Cruise to Alaska

All the beauty in the world isn’t in warm weather, the cold has some magnificent things to be seen. Take a cruise to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It may be cold but the stunning environment will take your breath away. See penguins in their natural environment, go ice fishing or warm up your hands and take a canoeing expedition through the ice caps. If you’re lucky you may even see some polar bears and other cold weather animals you may not see very often at home.

Madagascar Wedding Anniversary Trip

If you have a sense of adventure and like discovering new things this is the land of possibilities for you. Madagascar has some of the most unique creatures and plant life on the planet. You will want to stick to the tours and recommended areas because some primitive tribes do still exist. There are lots of fun tours and escapes that you can enjoy as well as the great water.

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Mexican Adventure

Take a long trip through Mexico and explore the many different cities and the variety of the culture within each. You will be amazed by all the sites as you explore ancient ruins, watch young college kids get drunk of the beaches, make deals with local merchants, eat some delicious tacos, and see a whole new side of Mexico.

However you choose to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary, remember to keep investing in your marriage, as this is what will get you closer to celebrating the next thirty years together!