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Happy 18th Birthday!

An eighteenth birthday is a landmark to the beginning of independence, and so should be an event to remember.

Party like never before, by making sure you individualise your party. Be in touch with every aspect of your party, and plan out all the details. Personalize the small details, like nametags or balloons, for a fun edge.

18th Birthday Ideas for Guys

You could go to your local paintballing station, and have a team-on-team action game. Follow this with a trip to your local pub (if you’re from the UK and therefore legal to drink), or head back to your house for a barbecue or steak dinner.

How about going out with a bunch of friends to a soccer or football match? Grab a hotdog and giant Coke in the interval, and go for a tour around the stadium when its finished.

18th Birthday Ideas for Girls

How about celebrating your last year as a teen with a grown-up slumber party? Invite all your girlfriends round for some non-alcoholic cocktails, and chic finger food. Make gorgeous decorations in your room, making it look like a Greek paradise island with butterfly lanterns and twinkling fairy lights. Watch the newest, girliest chick flick available, and nibble on tasty canapes and sushi.

Or, why not organise a spa day at your nearest spa location. Grab your closest friends and family and go on a day trip to get pampered and feel relaxed. Bath in natural waters and invigorate your mind in a scented steam room. Try a double massage or have a holistic facial.

Unusual 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

For a great gift, why not treat your close friend/family member to a trip abroad? How about surprising them to a trip to perfect Paris, or marvellous Milan?

Some 18th birthday gag gifts could be something like a Rubik’s cube; utterly pointless and time consuming. Write a sarcastic comment on the gift tag.

For a real novelty gift get them the present they always wanted when they were 8 years old, or younger (this works great for the boys, because they will probably still play with it!). 18th birthday gifts for him might include electric cars, as well as a voucher to their nearest race track to test a real size Ferrarri.

Games for 18th Birthday Party

How about renting some big games for your 18th? Why not have a bouncy castle in your back yard, or a rodeo bull in your garden? Have a go at poker, using chips, and reward each winner with an equal amount of sweeties.

Don’t forget a party classic that just gets better with age, Twister! If its a warm day, invent a game involving water guns or balloons, or if its cold, how about a quick game of truth or dare?

Birthday Cakes for an 18th Birthday

Try not to go too overboard when choosing a cake for an 18th birthday, as chances are the birthday girl or boy will prefer something childlike and chocolatey to anything resembling a wedding cake.

Some free ideas: You could try a profiterole tower with melted Mars bar on top. Or you could hire a chocolate fountain and dip pieces of sponge cake in it. Instead try a number of cupcakes with icing that read “Happy Birthday”, with one letter on each individual cake.

Eighteenth Birthday Party Music

For this you simply need to find the birthday person’s iTunes folder and create a party mix. Hook this into a great sound system, and turn up the volume.

If you choose the music for the party (unless its themed), you probably don’t know quite what they would like for their party, and you might end up choosing Blink 182 instead of Angels and Airwaves.