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Romantic Valentines Ideas

Whether you're newly in love or have been married for many years, keeping romance alive in your relationship is a great idea!

Women love romance - it makes them feel special, loved and helps them to feel truly appreciated. Do something that shows you are thinking of her.

Men on the other hand are not so keen on the romantic mushy stuff. They would just prefer spending some quality time with you, and if it is doing something they love all the better! So if you can take him to a game, attend a car show or watch an action movie you're sure to get his attention!

Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Simple Valentines Day Ideas

Inexpensive Valentine Ideas

Cute Valentines Day Ideas

Creative Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentine Gifts for a Husband

Sweet Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day Ideas for a Boyfriend

Unique Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine Party Ideas

Ideas for a Creative Valentine Box

Here's a few simple, creative valentine box ideas :-

We've some romantic Valentines Day Ideas for you to make it a special and
romantic time for you and your loved one.

History of Valentine's Day

No-one quite knows how Valentines Day came to be celebrated as it is -
though it's commonly known to be based on the story St Valentine.

The story that has been passed down through history is that the Emperor banned marriage, believing that unmarried soldiers fought better.

However, Valentine who was a priest, continued to secretly carry out
marriage ceremonies.

Whilst awaiting execution for his crimes, he allegedly wrote to the jailor's daughter signing it "from your Valentine" and started a tradition that continues to this day.

Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

More than 85% of cards are bought by women - with a high proportion of flowers and chocolates being bought on the actual day itself.  Could it be that some of the guys have forgotten until they receive a card in the post that morning?

Whilst the simplest tradition is the giving of red roses to your loved one, going the extra mile with a special idea may mean that your loved one will be especially delighted and that you'll reap long term rewards in your relationship!

Writing a small love note, preparing a surprise meal, a special phone call, there really are a bazillion ways to show your love!  If you're really stuck, why not try some of the letters or printables that you can buy online?

Feb 14th is a great day to ask a girl out on her first date - and it increases your
chances of her saying yes - she'll think you're so romantic!

Valentine's Day Gifts, Ideas and Romance

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  • Romantic letters for Valentines Day

    Wondering how to write that perfect love letter to win their heart? Look here for great ideas on love notes, and ideas of how to write a love letter.

    Valentines Day Proposal

    If you're thinking of popping the question this valentine's day, and are looking for some suggestions for romantic ways to propose marriage , click on How to propose marriage " on the toolbar.

    In a recent survey, over 80% of women (and men) who were proposed to said that the proposal was "less romantic" than they had hoped for.

    If you are looking for romantic or creative ways to propose marriage, take some advice from expert, Michael Webb.

    No Valentines Day Proposal

    Fed up with waiting? Here are some ideas of how to get him to propose. Also find ideas of how to get the man of your dreams to commit to you long term.

    Love Poems for Valentine's Day

    Trying to find some romantic words?  No problem!
    Use the words of the poets through the ages, why not check out our:-

    You'll find a selection of romantic love poems and cute quotes! Just add a few words of your own and you'll surprise and amaze her.

    Valentine's Day Cards

    If you haven't time or money for anything else, try and ensure that you at least send a card with a few well chosen words on.

    Don't forget to sign it "From your Valentine" and NOT to write your own name!

    Unique Valentine Day Gift Idea

    including romantic ideas and gifts for him and gifts for her.
    For her, a well chosen card and valentines day flowers are a MUST!
    For him, something to make him realise how special he is and maybe a treat too.

    Create a unique gift - why not make a Valentine's Gift Basket for that special someone - an inexpensive, yet thoughtful present.

    Even something as simple as a handmade card or specially written letter can be a meaningful and thoughtful present.

    Roses for Valentines Day

    Ever wondered what kind of message you are sending when you buy someone roses for Valentines Day or any other day of the week for that matter? Depending on the color of rose you choose, it could change the message you are trying to convey. Red roses are the traditional color for Valentine's Day because they signify romantic love. They might also be a popular choice for weddings too!

    So if you want to send roses to your girlfriend for Valentines Day you should probably not give her yellow roses, stick to the traditional red rose and you will be safe!

    For more flower symbolism you can check out

    Valentine Table Setting

    If you're planning a romantic meal together.  Gather a few candles to light, fresh flowers for the center of the table, a nicely laid table and easy to prepare food (so that you can focus on spending time together!).

    Why not treat yourself to some great valentine table linen, to help create a romantic evening.

    Thanks for visiting Special Moments, I hope you found some great romantic ideas for valentine's day.

    Wishing you and your loved one a "Happy Valentine's Day!"