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How to Deliver a Heartfelt Eulogy

A eulogy poem can express our innermost thoughts and feelings at a time when the right words can be hard to find.

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Finding Suitable Eulogy Poems

"Funeral and Memorial Service Readings, Poems and Tributes"  - - - >>

Whether you are looking for poems to express your own feelings at this time, poems suitable for eulogies or are preparing a eulogy speech, you will find everything you are looking for in the book of "Funeral and Memorial Service Readings, Poems and Tributes".

You will find a list of eulogy poems, (over 50), such as the eulogy poem, "Remember Me",  are included in this resource of poetry for Eulogies. You may find eulogy poems suitable for a father, or mother or a range of other poems for a eulogy.

Also included are bible readings and hymn suggestions that you may find helpful.

"Funeral and Memorial Service Readings, Poems and Tributes"  - - - >>

Selecting the right poem for a eulogy is only the first step, being able to deliver a heartfelt eulogy when you are feeling emotional is a whole different situation to overcome.

Here are some tips on reading a poem when giving a eulogy:-

Reading Poetry, Poetry Reading

By Serena Greenslade

Poetry readings take place at weddings, funerals, poetry clubs and concerts.

There are a few different rules for poetry reading than for prose reading and these rules help us to keep the shape of the poem.

First you have to be heard. The sound has to get out of your mouth and for
this to happen you have to open your mouth.

If you have written the poem yourself or if you've had it written for you, you will know the emotion the poem is trying to convey. You will know what is coming next but remember your listeners don't know. They've never heard it before so they have to get in the right mood and then they have to listen to the words and they will need time to take in what you've read.

It might come as a surprise to know that there are different kinds of pauses. Some of these pauses are used when reading prose and poetry and some are used in poetry only.

Pauses used in prose and poetry

Pauses used only in poetry reading

The main pause is the suspensory pause. This occurs at the end of an enjambment line where the sense carries on into the next line of the poem.

There must be a slight pause on the last word of the line but no breath must be taken.

An example is taken from Sea Fairies by Eileen Mathias

There is a pause at the end of the first line and the next place for a breath is halfway through the third line. However at the end of the second line you must hold on to the word 'rocks' so that the shape of the poem is kept.

Caesura pause - This can come anywhere in the line of poetry but it always coincides with sense.

Metrical pause - Lines of poetry are made up of metrical feet. These feet are very similar to bars of music. Each foot is made up of 2, 3 or 4 syllables. A metrical pause occurs when part of a foot or a whole foot is missing.

Why pausing is important

Reading Poetry - Pace and Power

Try to alter the speed at which you read the poem. If you want to sound angry or excited speed up a little and raise the pitch of your voice. When you want to sound more serious lower the pitch and slow down. A higher pitched voice can also be used when talking about things which are high up - the sky, angels, tall buildings and a lower pitch for things lower such as the soil, graves, underwater etc.

Reading Poetry - Facial Expressions

Your facial expressions and gestures are important. If you are reading a serious poem try not to smile! Any movements you make must look natural and not rehearsed, you want the whole experience to look and sound natural and relaxed.

If the poem wasn't written by you, you'll need to read through the poem a few times to try and gauge the feeling of the poem and also try to pick out the important words and phrases. These important words and phrases can then be emphasised using the methods outlined above.

Serena Greenslade has been showing people how to get the best out of their voice for the last 12 years.

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