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Gift Ideas for Guys

Finding that special something for the guys in your life can be quite a challenge. If you are stuck for some ideas for that perfect present for the man in your life check out some of our gift ideas below.

Is he a sports fanatic, loves cars, techno wizard or an adventure buff? Whatever type of guy you need a gift for perhaps you can find some great ideas here or at least get your creative juices flowing to come up with your own unique gift ideas for your man.

So what do you give a man who has everything he needs?

7 Gift Ideas for Him

Here are seven creative gift ideas for you to consider.

  1. Remote Control Cooler – Great gift idea for a host who doesn’t want to spend all his time handing out drinks to his guests. With the remote control cooler, you can serve up to 12 bottles of beer with the touch of a button. You won’t even have to move from your chair! Fill it up with bottles and ice and then send it to your guests by using the bottle top motivated hand held transmitter. It has 4 sure-grip wheels which help to speed up the delivery of your cold drinks. The cooler is well insulated, has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and collapses for easy storage.

  2. Calculator, Letter Opener and Scissor Set – Want a budget gift idea for him? Then this is a great gift for him to use at home or in his office. These items are used regularly in an office.

  3. Wireless Key Finder – Is your man always losing his keys or having trouble remembering where he last put them down? Well now he can find them easily with the press of a button. With a range of 30 meters it can locate them through floors, walls or cushions and will beep loudly once the keys are located. This is a great gift idea for a man, because as we all know, they are always losing things.

  4. Wireless Weather Station – Many men have a penchant for wanting to know all about weather and what they can expect for the next days’ forecast. Well the wireless weather station will display everything from the outside temperature and humidity, as well as indoor temperature and humidity and what the temperature and humidity trends are. He’ll have hours of pleasure tracking the changes in weather.

  5. LED Book Light With Dimmer – Another great budget gift idea for him is a book light. If your man loves to read and he doesn’t want to disturb you, then the LED book light with a dimmer is a perfect gift. The light has two levels of brightness and because it is such a slender design it will pack easily in your luggage if you are going on a trip.

  6. Putting Stroke Builder – If your man wants to practice his putting skills at home, well now he can. The stroke builder can help you correct alignment issues, assess the correct position of the ball, work on alternative stroke lengths and tempos, visually change your putting path image, visually reference break points and create visual gates for breaking putts.

  7. Barbecue Tools with Inbuilt LED Lights – Is your man considered to be the barbecue king? Why not give him the ultimate in barbecue tools which contains a fork, tongs and spatula, and each tool has inbuilt LED lights so that you can see what you’re doing once it gets dark. If you are fond of cooking at night then this is the perfect gift.

If these gadgets won't do the trick here are a few more:-

Gift Ideas for Men

Annual Memberships

  • Favorite magazine subscriptions
  • Annual Conservation Park Membership
  • Annual Membership to Museums
  • Theater Shows
  • Memorial Tree, park bench, statue
  • So, whether you're looking for birthday or Christmas gift ideas for a brother, male friend, boyfriend or husband, there are some cool ideas to get you started.

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