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Gift Ideas For A Boyfriend

Stuck for a present idea for the special guy in your life?

Here are a few gift ideas and present suggestions for guys - for inspiration, whatever your budget.

It doesn’t matter whether you have known your boyfriend for a long time or you’ve only just started dating. Sooner or later you will start buying gifts for each other so what can you buy him? 

Here's something most girls need to realise about their boyfriends ... don't go having any romantic ideas for your guy's birthday, that's unlikely to be his scene.  Try and get inside his head - whilst you love romantic stuff, he's more likely to be into gadgets, cars and mens magazines.

A well thought out gift will show your boyfriend how much you love and appreciate him. Think of the reward you’ll receive just by the expression on his face after you’ve given him the gift. What are the best boyfriend gifts to give? 

Best Boyfriend Gifts

Make the day special by planning a romantic dinner for the two of you. Cook the meal yourself and decorate the table with candles and flowers. You could also make it a surprise birthday dinner by inviting a few of his friends to help you celebrate. Bake him a special birthday cake and serve all his favorite foods. 

Boyfriend Gift Ideas for the Hobby Enthusiast

Is there something special he has his eye on that you could give him for his birthday? Maybe he’s into music so you could buy his favorite CD. Is there a particular type of music player he’s been talking about buying? It could even be a car accessory or a piece of sporting equipment. Whatever it is listen to what he’s saying he wants a few months before the big day. 

If the relationship is brand new and you don’t know a lot about him, buy him a bottle of cologne, but try to find out if he has a favorite. You could buy him a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Maybe he’s a spirits drinker so a perfect boyfriend gift would be a bottle of his favorite spirit. Not sure of his shirt size, then why not buy him a tie? 

Executive Boyfriend Gifts

Does he work in an executive position? If so you could buy him a nice set of cufflinks, which are once again in vogue or a stylish tie pin. If the relationship is a steady one, you could even consider buying him a watch. A very stylish business card holder is also a great gift to give. 

Boyfriend Gifts On a Budget

On a budget and agreed not to spend any money on gifts for each other? To make your boyfriend feel really special, pack him some lunch and put a love note in it and everywhere else he’s likely to find one throughout the day. It may not have cost you anything but the message is priceless. He will probably appreciate this homemade gift more than he would if you’d spent a few hundred dollars on gifts. 

Boyfriend Gifts for a Special Birthday

If it’s a special birthday, then booking a weekend away for the two of you is a great way to celebrate. Go somewhere that will give you and your boyfriend time to be alone together. Sometimes it’s hard to take time out to be with each other when you’re both working so this will be a great opportunity. 

Remember that it really doesn’t matter how much a gift costs. If your boyfriend truly loves you he will be grateful for anything you give him and will be happy that you made the effort to do so. 

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