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Golden Wedding Anniversary

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is often referred to as the Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Fifty years is a long time and deserves a celebration!

One of the most special things a couple can do is renew their vows. This is even more exciting when it accompanies a surprise party that one part of the couple is in on.

Or you can set it up for your parents and not let either one in on the surprise!! Just have a minister or other official present to have them exchange vows once again. Here’s how to plan a party they will never forget and make their day so special they will want to relive it again and again.

Celebrate Your 50th Wedding Anniversary with a Party

Talk with your siblings or other close family members who may want to be involved in the process.

Sit down and talk about the expenses of throwing a party and who can contribute what. Also discuss dates for the party and make sure it works for everyone’s schedule.  

Golden Wedding Anniversary Theme

Pick a theme for the celebration because themes always set things in motion and instantly get the party going. There are tons of fun themes and ideas you have to think about and consider.

Since it’s fifty years and a golden anniversary you may want to choose a theme that has to do with gold or time to celebrate all their great years together.

Invite Friends and Family to Your Golden Anniversary

Actually sit down and draft a rough list of everyone who will be invited. You need an estimate so you can choose a location and catering that will be able to accommodate the number of people you expect will attend.

If you need to steal your parents’ address book then arrange for this so you can get the contact information of some of their dear friends and distant relatives you may not have numbers or addresses for. Try to come up with your final guest list as soon as possible as this will aid in the rest of the planning process.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Party Location

Find a place; a park, a home, a hotel conference room or other venue that will hold everyone, fits within your budget and will be comfortable for your party setting.

Make sure you get any permits you might need for a public location such as a park or discuss the details of hanging decorations, set up and outside vendors if booking a hall or reception center.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Mail invitations out 6-8 weeks before the party.

Request RSVPs and leave a phone number for guests to respond to.

If this is a surprise party then mention that in the invitation and ask guests not to say anything to the guests of honor.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Decorations and Catering

If several people are working on the event then assign someone to take care of decorations and catering.

You can cater the event yourself if there won’t be too many people but you should consider having someone or a restaurant or come in and do the cooking for you so you can enjoy the party and have one less thing to stress about. The decorations should match the theme.

Or consider putting together or purchasing a small thank you gift for everyone who comes to the party or skip this step and spend the extra money on other aspects of the event.

Renew Your Vows on Your 50th Wedding Anniversary

If you know your parents’ pastor, minister or other religious leader you may ask them to officiate the wedding vow renewals.

If not find someone else you trust and know will do well with handling the impromptu surprise ceremony. Make sure you have lots of cameras on hand to capture the special moment.

Whatever you do, the sharing of such a special milestone occasion with family and friends, should be recorded with photos, celebrated with champagne and remembered forever !

Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes

A Golden Couple

Half a century ago, they say,
A wonderful marriage began that day,
Two beautiful people joined as one,
And worked together to make life fun.

We celebrate now those fifty years,
We raise our glasses and give three cheers.
To partners in life in both work and play,
It's our honor to share your golden day!

~ Joanna Fuchs

On Your Golden Wedding Anniversary

Today, of all days, is a time to reflect
On times gone by, and those still to come yet
You both deserve medals for a service so long
Though it's fairly obvious that you sing the same song

All those years ago you committed to each other
Became a unity together, not just a friend or lover
And still you'll say the same today, and say it to the end
The reason you survived is that you married your best friend

Well congratulations to you both, on getting it so right
On filling your life with love, laughter and delight
On never becoming normal, always appreciating what you've got
Never tiring of each other, or veering from the plot

Fifty years is quite a stretch, but one thinks it's fair to say
That you'll be holding hands together, forever and a day
Happy Golden Anniversary, it's true you've had many before
But you're congratulated on reaching so far and wished so many more

50th Wedding Anniversary

God blessed you together
these Fifty years
memories of much love,
full of laughter and tears
children and grandchildren
family and friends
a love for each other
a love without end
Through commitment and love
God answered your prayers
You help those in need
and always care
May your blessings be bountiful
and friendships grow
You are loved by many
more that you know.

Keeper of My Heart

Today we celebrate the joining of our hearts
We were meant for each other right from the start
We were destined to be together and never to part
You are my friend, my lover and the keeper of my heart

Golden Anniversary Quote

Your love, dedication and commitment to one another is truly an inspiration to all who know you.