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Celebrate Christmas with a Kids Party

What child doesn't enjoy a Christmas party?

Festive Ideas for Kids

Here's some ideas if you're organising a children's party whether for your class group, church kids or family and friends this festive season:-

Christmas Party Invitations For Children

Have you run out of cool ideas for Christmas party invitations your child can send to his/her friends? Here are some fresh ideas you and your child might enjoy.

Christmas Party Invitation In A Bottle

Materials: one small, plastic water bottle for each invitation, holiday stickers, one first class stamp for each bottle, plain white labels, return address labels, confetti (Xmas themed), red paper, felt pens, one wrapped, candy stick per bottle, small plastic items related to Xmas that are small enough to fit through the neck of the bottle.

Wash the bottles and let them dry. Create your party invitation on the red paper or on a computer. It should be no wider than the bottle is tall. Fill the bottle 1/3 full of Xmas confetti. Put in several plastic Xmas items if you have them. Wrap your invitation around the candy stick and slip them into the bottle. Put on the bottle top. Put a stamp on the bottle. Put your return address label on it. Write your guest’s name and address on a white label and stick it on the bottle. Put on a few Xmas stickers. When the bottle moves, the confetti and plastic items will swirl around; they’re supposed to. The bottles may be sent through the regular mail to your guests.

Christmas Party Invitation From A Grocery Bag

Materials: brown, grocery bags (one per invitation), pencil, scissors, pinking shears, hole punch, fat, red yarn, old holiday cards or pictures cut from magazines, glue, crayons or poster paints, black felt pen, pencil, white paper, computer (optional), party favors (see instructions for suggestions).

These invitations are hand-deliverable only, because of their size. Acquire one brown, paper grocery bag for each invitation. The bag is going to be a Christmas stocking -shaped. Draw a stocking shape on the bag (the adult should probably do this).

Use pinking shears to cut out the stocking, giving it a scalloped edge. You will have two pieces. Use a hole punch and punch holes all around the stocking, except for the top. The holes should be two inches apart, about 1” from the edges.

Using fat, red yarn, “sew” the two pieces together, weaving in and out of the holes. Tie the thread at the beginning and end. Decorate the bag with holiday pictures from old Christmas cards or magazines or draw snowmen, bells, stars, trees, presents, etc. with crayons or paint.

Put the guest’s name on the “stocking” with the felt pen. Inside the “stocking” put your invitation, written on paper or created on your computer. Also put in a couple of party favors such as: crayons, a holiday cookie (wrapped in plastic), a lollipop, your picture, or a favor from a party store (plastic ring, etc.). Be sure your favors can’t fall out.