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Christmas Home Decor

Christmas is a very special time of the year.

We remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and sometimes get fraught about what to buy for who!

Most of all, many of us feel overwhelmed by the thought of decorating our homes for the festive season, even the thought of some simple Christmas table decorating can seem time-consuming and an unnecessary addition to the home.

Decorating your house is an important part of Christmas tradition, but it can sometimes seem like a chore. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your house feel festive.

Why not start by buying some fairy lights? These are full of holiday cheer, bound to put a smile even on Scrooge’s face! You can pick up a few packs of these from your local hardware store, or an Ikea. If you start your decoration with these you can’t go wrong, build your other ornaments around them, in places where they will catch the light the most. You could even buy some in star shapes, or in the style of snowflakes.

You could of course put some icicle lights hanging on the outside of your house, just underneath the roof. Or pop some net LEDs over your bushes, but make sure they are safe to use outdoors. Other christmas decorating ideas for the outside could be a stylish Christmas wreath adorning your front door, or a row of candles leading up to your front door. Both of these will have a huge impact on your Christmas guests, it will make the whole house a magical experience that both kids and adults will love.

When decorating your home, the most beautiful decorations are often the ones that have been homemade. Try collecting pine cones from a nearby wood or forest, then attaching some red or green ribbon and some might need to use a hot glue gun for this so be careful!

Another party favorite is fun mantel christmas decorating ideas like draping an evergreen garland over your mantelpiece and adorning it with flickering candles and ribbons...and don’t forget the stockings too! You could also add more twinkly lights, and make sure that the fire is roaring away, as this will make it feel even more like Christmas when you snuggle up with a mug of cocoa.

A really great decorating tip that really suits this time of year and is inexpensive and fun too, is to add jars of candy canes and wrapped sweets (Quality Street work every time) around the house, on different surfaces.

Festive Focal Point

A great attribute to any home or office at this time of year is a Christmas tree. Usually the tree is the center of holiday celebrations, so put it in a spot where everyone can see it. Make sure it doesn't block any traffic patterns and it is clost to an electrical outlet. Choose your Christmas tree carefully, making sure to decide and discuss early one whether you want real or fake, needle-dropper or non, big or small. Work out where to put it before purchasing, as this will help decide on what size to buy. If you are thinking about white Christmas decorating ideas, then this can create a very effective tree. Find ornaments in white and silver, as things that are reflective can create a fantastic atmosphere in a space. You could also homemake some great paper decorations...Snowflakes are fun to create with your kids, add some glitter glue and some pretty string and you are all set.

Free and fun decor tips are to make sure that the house is tidy; this will mean there is more space for visitors and more space to play with toys after the presents are opened. Give your front door a really good clean too, as this will be inviting and welcoming to relatives.

Holiday decorating is about joy and laughter, so sharing it with family is important. A great traditional centrepiece is cloved oranges. Simply buy a pack of whole cloves and a bag of oranges, and put the cloves into the oranges. This will give off the most amazing aroma, and fill the house up with the scent. You could also tie red ribbon around each one before piling them up in a bowl on your Christmas table.

A great decor tip is to always remember the important of styling food. If you present your food with more care than normal, the food will look more delicious and it will be the soul of the party! Start by making sure you have enough serving dishes, and make sure there are plenty of candles on display. Special Christmas tablecloths and napkins create a glorious look too. The interior of your house will always look outstanding if there is a tin of fresh holiday cookies on the side for your guest to nibble on during the day.

If you can afford to do so, why not stock up on items for your holiday home by going on a trip to Cologne at the beginning of December? There are lots of goodies on offer, as well as getting you into the Christmas spirit early on. Sip on Gluhwein and munch on Reibekuchen for a real break from looking at the six different markets on display in this cultural city.

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