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Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

So you’ve decided to throw a bridal shower for your best friend, relative or someone close to you that's getting married.

Once you have decided on the theme, date, time and location of the bridal shower you are ready to send out the invitations.

If you want to plan a bridal shower that your friends will remember and talk about for a long time to come then you can start by choosing an invitation that is unique and creative.

Creating Unique Invitations

If you’re trying to steer clear of generic, impersonal “fill-in-the-blank” invitations, then you’re probably on the hunt for something unique and creative.

Below are some fun and creative ideas for creating that one-of-a-kind bridal shower invitation that every guest will enjoy receiving:-

A Recipe for Love Invitation.

Instead of a regular invitation, try writing out the details of your party in the format of a recipe.

The recipe name could be “Bridal Shower for __________”, the cooking time could be when you would like guests to arrive, and the recipe directions could be directions to the location as well as R.S.V.P. information.

You could even send along a second, blank recipe card and ask guests to write out their favorite recipe for the bride to keep.

A Keepsake Invite

Give guests something that they can treasure for a lifetime. Ask the bride for a photo of her and the groom, and write bridal shower info on the back. Affix a magnet to the photo and guests can keep the invitation (and the picture) somewhere handy where they can always see and enjoy it too.

A Sweet Invitation

If you’ve got access to a computer that can print labels onto sticky paper, then you can print bridal shower information onto a label and affix it to just about anything. Why not paste such a label to a chocolate bar or a lollipop? Guests will love the idea of an edible invitation.

Invitation Bubbly Celebration

Considering that a bridal shower is a celebration, why not break out the champagne?

Find inexpensive plastic wine glasses and some ribbon. Using cardstock and your computer, create a business-card sized invitation and attach it to the wine glass using the ribbon. Your guests will love this classy theme.

A Festive Invite

If your bridal shower falls close to the holiday season, give guests a keepsake ornament along with their invitation. You could use a decorative ball with the shower information written right on it.

Or, try an angel or a gingerbread tree ornament with bridal shower information attached on cardstock. You can create a unique wedding shower invite that guests will be able to use and enjoy for countless holiday seasons afterwards.

There are dozens of creative possibilities when it comes to creating unique bridal shower invitations.

Just make sure that whatever you do decide to use as an invitation is something that the bride will be proud of.

Get creative, put in that little bit of extra effort and your guests will surely be talking about your creative and unique bridal shower invitations for a long time to come.