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Decorative Ideas
For Your Wedding Ceremony

Every bride wants her church to look like something from her childhood dreams.

Most churches or registry offices will not need that much decoration as the nature of the building means that they are normally quite attractive already. There is no need to use hundreds of flowers and lots of ribbon; however, there are ways to decorate which use only a few well placed decorations which can really give the building a real sense of occasion.

There are some venues that can be hard to decorate. Weddings that take place in alfresco places and beach weddings will not need any decoration as the background will be all the decoration that you really need. In the absence of a building, then arches of wood and flowers can make a lovely feature.

Pedestals are a good way of making the church look beautiful. These are the few flower arrangements that have to be done by a professional florist unless you have any family or friends who have done flower arranging before, fresh flower supplies and a box of floral foam! It is sometimes a nice touch to use the same flowers in these pedestals as the centre pieces in your reception, it ties in your church and ceremony décor with the reception decorations.

In a traditional church then you do not necessarily need anything on the chairs, as the pews can look decorative enough. On the other hand, pew bows can bring an extra something to the look of the service, especially if you are having an out of doors wedding. Tulle wedding decorations are incredibly simple to do. If you look on the internet you can find step by step instructions and you can learn how to make tulles.

The bouquets and boutonnieres are another integral part of the wedding ceremony decorations. They again have to be in accordance with the rest of your flower and colour scheme. Both of these flower bunches are completely different sizes but just as important as each other.

Martha Stewart gives some gorgeous wedding decoration ideas and tips in this particular area, what flowers and colours will work.

Bouquets are very expensive and if you have a lot of bridesmaids then to save money you can just give them corsages. Do not see this as cutting corners as bouquets are only for the service and photos, this way they have them all the way through the day and can not lose them as easily! Just a point to note about the bouquets: you may wish your photographer to take photos of the bridal bouquets, as they do tend to be a work of art. A lovely photo is one of the bouquet, shoes, veil (if you have one) and dress, the components of the complete outfit separate.

Another idea which is unnecessary but can give a nice touch is giving your guests a little something for the service to make them a part of your colour or theme. Some couples give guests a flower and pin so that they too are part of the flower theme. This can be quite expensive though depending on the type of flower you have and how many guests you invite.