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Birthday Ideas

Many families have their own traditions for celebrating a birthday.

Pink Birthday Cake With Candle

You may choose to hold a family birthday party, just invite a few friends around or prefer to have a full blown party with all the friends and neighbours invited.

Of course, nothing remains static and it's essential to keep creating and changing your traditions as children grow from childhood to adults.

The Perfect Birthday

Wishing you a birthday
that's a truly happy day,
The very kind
that you would choose
if you could have your way.
One that's filled
with happiness,
good friends to share it, too
A day that brings
warm memories
to last the whole way through.

Milestone Birthdays for Adults

For adults, celebrating those milestone birthdays may be something which is not anticipated positively, so a big surprise party can be planned as a way to celebrate .

The big milestones commonly celebrated are:-

18th, 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th and 65th (which often coincides with retirement), then further birthdays such as 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th tend to be mostly family affairs.

Party Supplies

It's fairly easy to plan a themed birthday for these milestones, as banners, balloons, plates & napkins with the relevant numbers on are usually available in any party shop .


Birthday Party Ideas

There are as many birthday party themes as your creative mind can imagine. Birthday parties can be based on anything you like!! Consider the recipient, what are their hobbies, favorite TV shows, travel destinations, music, or is it a milestone birthday that will give you a birthday theme. Here are some popular birthday party themes that will get your creative juices flowing. I'm sure you can come up with many unique party ideas for your next celebration.

  • 50s Birthday Party
  • Hawaiian Birthday Party
  • Garden Birthday Party
  • Monkey Birthday Party
  • Pool Birthday Party
  • Cat in the Hat Birthday Party
  • Fancy Dress Birthday Party
  • Masked Ball Birthday Party
  • Beach Volleyball Birthday Party
  • Black Tie Birthday Party
  • Casino Night Birthday Party
  • Luau Birthday Party
  • Over the Hill Birthday Party
  • Survivor Birthday Party
  • Wine Tasting Birthday Party
  • Sleep-over Birthday Party
  • This is Your Life Birthday Party
  • Spa Birthday Party

Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday Cakes

The birthday cake has become a symbol to mark a birthday celebration. They are often made of sponge cake with some kind of cream filling and icing on top. The cake can be decorated to coincide with the party theme. Add some candles and you are ready to sing Happy Birthday to that special person who is celebrating their birthday. Icecream cakes are becoming very popular as an alternative to the traditional birthday cake but you need to keep it in the freezer until about 20 minutes before surprising your guest with the cake.

Cool Birthday Gift Ideas

Who doesn't like receiving gifts on their birthday? but when it's another shirt or tie that you don't need, or a box of chocolates you shouldn't eat, it's difficult to feel thrilled about the gift. Most people like to receive gifts that are personalized in some way that makes them feel special. It doesn't have to be expensive but it does require thought and effort to come up with something that is unique and creative.

Special Birthdays

For more ideas on celebrating a milestone birthday:-

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