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Trendy Teenage Gift Ideas

So, your child has reached the magical age of 13 and is now a teenager.

Being called a “teenager” is a very important stage in their lives, so what do you give as a gift which is befitting their age? What teen gifts can you give to a boy or a girl?

Teenage Gift Ideas For Girls

Girls are generally very easy to buy for and will love anything you get them. If money is tight and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can always give a homemade gift such as a quilt. You can make it throughout the year and won’t be a drain on your finances if you spread it out. A quilt made with love is a great gift and a keepsake as well.

All girls love jewelry, so why not give them a special piece of jewelry such as a charm bracelet with 13 charms on it. She can then add new charms for each birthday. Or another perfect 13th birthday idea is a locket with a chain which can be engraved and treasured forever.

A great budget idea is to do up a gift basket filled with toiletries such as deodorant, soap etc. or you may decide to add items such as nail polish, lip gloss or any other cosmetic item.

Clothing is always a great gift for teens. They’re at the age where they are really taking an interest in what they wear and how they look, so taking them shopping for a brand new wardrobe of clothes they pick themselves will make them really happy.

If you cannot think of a tangible gift for them, a gift voucher is always welcomed. They love nothing more than going shopping and taking a few friends with them.

Teenage Gifts Ideas for Boys

13th birthday ideas for boys is a bit harder but most boys these days are really into technology, so are wanting a gift such as Nintendo Wii or XBox. If they already have those items then maybe you could buy them a game to go with them.

A budget idea for boys is a yearly subscription to MAD Magazine. This magazine has been around for years and is still popular with boys who have a wacky sense of humor.

What about a movie pass? You can decide the amount you spend on these from either a small amount or larger. Boys like to “hang out” with their friends so this is a very practical 13th birthday idea.

If your son plays sport, then adding to his sporting goods is a good idea. If he’s learning how to play golf, you can buy him many different items to add to his collection. Maybe you could buy him a golfing outfit complete with shoes?

Buy him a ticket to spend a whole day at a fun park or theme park. He can arrange it so that he can spend the whole day with his friends.

Boys generally aren’t interested in new clothes, but once they hit 13 they may start taking an interest in how they look, so you could take them shopping for new clothes.

There are many teen gift ideas out there, and having an idea of what you’re buying will be a huge help. Wandering the shops trying to think of something is no fun at all. Really think about your choice of gift and your teen will love you for it.