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Christening Speech & Gift Ideas

A christening is a wonderful occasion to welcome a new baby into the world and to introduce him or her to their new family.  For many, this event is also their initiation into the Christian faith.

Christenings can take place as a special one-off church service or as part of a regular Sunday morning service.  It is usual to invite close friends and family.

Some parents also choose godparents - people who will have a role in supporting you in bringing your child up to have an understanding of the Christian faith.

Giving The Christening Speech

If you have been asked to give a short speech , you may wish to use a prayer or poem.  A selection of poems and prayers about babies can be found at the Poem4Today website.

Keeping it simple and short is the key - a word of thanks, of welcome and of encouragement can sum up your role - thankfulness for this new life, a welcome into not only the world but into the family and community, and then of encouragement to the parents and close family .

For more ideas for writing a christening speech, there are several speech-writing websites that can help, if you're really lost for words - our suggestion is the Occasional Words site.

What should I give as a Christening or Baptism Gift?

It's a wonderful tradition to give a small gift for a newborn baby if you're invited to their christening or baptism.

Whilst it's tempting to try and find the ultimate, unique gift - it can also be helpful to give some more practical and useful gifts, especially for new parents who have had to buy all of the many new items of equipment and clothing that you have to buy for a new baby .

However, if they are not first-time parents, it might be nice to buy something that can become a treasured keepsake for the baby. It could a religious gift, a personalized gift, or jewelry.

Christening or Baptism Gifts for Girls

Christening or Baptism Gifts for Boys

It's also a nice idea to buy a small something for the parents - even a card, flowers or chocolates.

The Greatest Gift of All

We give you the greatest gift of all,
a headstart that will last throughout your life

We shall do our best to teach you,
but it will be up to you to learn.

We shall try to guide you in the right directions,
but it will be up to you to make the right decisions.

We shall also encourage you to seek your own independence,
but it will be up to you to be responsible.

We shall tell you about 'drink and drugs',
but it will be up to you to say 'no'

We shall teach you about respect,
but you will choose whether to appreciate it's value.

We shall encourage you to try,
but you should want to succeed for yourself.

We shall teach you kindness,
but it will be up to you to be good-natured.

We shall teach you to share,
but it will be up to you to be unselfish.

We shall model values for you.
but you have to develop your own morals.

We give you this knowledge as a gift with all our love.

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