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Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are not only a time of celebration for the bride, but also a time to mingle and catch up with friends and relatives.

And while many would much rather chat away the afternoon at a bridal shower, it’s almost expected that there will be a few games to play to bring some excitement to the party.

So, what kind of games will interest all of your bridal shower guests without leaving them rolling their eyes at the suggestion?

Five Fun Bridal Shower Games

Below is a list of give good games for bridal showers that will surely leave your guests smiling.

  1. Bridal Shower Game - Once Upon a Bride.

    For this game, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. This game is strictly for the guests – the bride need not play, so it’s a good one to use while the bride is opening presents. Before the party begins, write this line at the top of the page: “Once upon a time there was a bride named ______”.

    When you introduce the game, tell your guests that they will all be contributing to a fairy tale story about the bride. They are asked to write only on one line of paper, so their sentence needs to be short. And the biggest rule is that they are only allowed to read the line that the person right before them wrote – no one else’s! When they’re done writing their line, they must fold the paper over the line that the person before them wrote, so that now, only their line is visible to the next person.

    This creates some secrecy to how the story really goes, and you won’t believe how crazy the story sounds when you read it out loud at the end. Guests will get a kick out of this creative game!

  2. Bridal Shower Game - Bride and Groom Trivia.

    For this game, you’ll need to create 10 different questions related to the bride and groom, their relationship, and/or their wedding. Of course, you’ll need to do this before the party as well, so that you have the answers ready.

    Each guest needs a paper and something to write with. Read through the questions and have guests take their best guess at the answer. At the end, give small prizes to the person with the most correct answers, and if you want a great reaction, give a small prize to the person with the least correct answers too.

  3. Bridal Shower Game - The Memory Game

    This one always gets the biggest reaction out of all of the bridal shower games you’ll play. For this game, you’ll need to collect 20 different small items. It doesn’t matter what they are – spoon, clothespin, elastic, whatever! Attach the items to an apron using pins or tape. Then ask the bride to model the apron in front of the bridal shower guests for 30 seconds.

    Don’t give the guests too many directions on this game. Just tell them that the bride will be modeling for them. They’ll instantly believe that they need to memorize everything on the apron. Once 30 seconds is up, the bride must leave the room and be out of sight. Then, ask the guests to write down what the bride was wearing today. They will have been so focused on the apron, most of them will not have a clue as to what she wore.

    Give them another 30 seconds to write down every detail of her outfit they can remember, down to the earrings and the socks. Then have the bride return to the room so guests can check their answers, and award prizes to winners (or losers, your choice!).

  4. Bridal Shower Bingo

    This is a fun bridal shower game you can use while the bride is unwrapping gifts to keep the guests entertained. Hand each guest a blank bingo page, one that contains a 5x5 grid of blank squares. Have the guests write “free” in the middle, and then fill in each blank square with a different gift they think the bride might receive. As the bride unwraps gifts, they can check off more of their card if they correctly guessed that gift. Provide prizes to anyone who gets a “bingo”.

  5. Bridal Shower Game - Toilet Paper Wedding Dress.

    This one is a hilarious bridal shower game! Divide guests into small teams and challenge them to create the perfect wedding dress for the bride. Their only material? Toilet paper! Give them a time limit and a few rolls of toilet paper and then have the bride decide while one she likes best.

  6. With these fun bridal shower games, your guests will be laughing and smiling for the whole afternoon. And you’ll be remembered as the bridal shower hostess with the best games around.

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