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Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary

The silver wedding anniversary is a big milestone for any marriage.

It’s twenty-five years together which means you have likely been through a lot together.

You have likely raised a family, built a home and created a life with one another. You have many great things you should be proud of and memories to cherish forever.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Twenty-five years together may warrant a party if you want but regardless if you throw a party or not it does mean it’s gift time.

Silver wedding anniversaries are about giving your loved one a special present to treasure and show them how much you still love them and care. It’s like a renewal of your vows and another fresh start to continue the rest of your lives as a couple.



Silver Wedding Anniversary - Gift Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Flower

The traditional wedding anniversary flower for a 25th wedding anniversary is the IRIS. Your wife would love to receive a bouquet of flowers which include the traditional flower for a silver wedding anniversary or you can include the iris as a theme in decorations for a 25th wedding anniversary party.

Silver Jewelry

You can of course give your husband or wife a new piece of jewelry they can show off to their friends and coworkers. A new ring, a watch, a pair of cufflinks, a necklace or some earrings are always a good choice. Jewelry is the safest bet ever because every woman loves it and every man adores a great watch or pair of cufflinks to make them look and feel like a million bucks. You can go with traditional silver, platinum or if you must, gold. Add some diamonds or other stones to make it that much more incredible. Give your lover something to wear so they will always be thinking of you and be proud to brag about you to their friends.

Silver Dinnerware Place Settings or Cutlery

A less traditional gift but a great idea. If your place settings are getting a little old because you got them for your wedding twenty-five years ago it may be time to get a new set, together, just like the first time. If your kids are out living on their own you can give your old set to them so it still gets use and stays in the family. Or get a whole new set of dishes, fine china even if you desire. These are things you use every day and can enjoy as a couple over a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Silver Vehicle, Toy or Gadget

Want to make a big impression? Make a big purchase that your loved one would never expect. Buy them a car. Or if they don’t need a new car or you don’t feel like picking something out for them get them a new “toy.”

Maybe they enjoy fishing and want a boat, or are they into the off-roading scene? If so you should purchase an ATV or a pair so you can go out together. How about a pair of jet skis so you can enjoy the lakes together?

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

You know your spouse better than anyone else so you should be able to think of something exciting and unexpected that will make them jump for joy and help them enjoy their favorite hobbies.

If it’s something you can enjoy together then it’s all that much better, but that is of course not a requirement.

Do your research ahead of time before making any large purchases to make sure you get just the right thing.

25 Years Together

Twenty five years of being together,
Building a life... side by side,
Twenty five years of supporting each other,
And learning to flow with the tide.

Twenty five years of working together,
Sharing the chores day by day,
Twenty five years of vision and teamwork,
Chasing distractions away.

Twenty five years of growing together,
Talking things out in the night,
Twenty five years of dreaming and planning,
Securing a future that's bright.

Twenty five years of total commitment,
Knowing that it was God's plan,
Twenty five years would turn to forever,
True love for this woman and man.

25th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Will you, or someone you know, soon be celebrating a silver wedding anniversary? Choose from our selection of 25th wedding anniversary quotes as a way of celebrating this wonderful milestone. Include one in a card for your spouse or personalise a gift. Send 25th anniversary wishes to your parents or propose a toast at a silver wedding anniversary party.

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.

May the good Lord see and bless you, on your anniversary day. May He always be your companion, and guide you on your way.

Marriage is more than promise or commitment, marriage is an every day discovery of friendship and love.

One by one each year flew by, since you both said "I do"
25 years of memories, shared by the two of you.
From big events and holidays, to simple daily pleasures.
Some tearful times along life's way, some joys that can't be measured.
One by one each year now gone, but still they're yours forever.
Each and every memory, of a quarter of a century together!
Happy Silver Anniversary

Today as both of you look back with happiness and pride.
Upon the twenty five years that you've spent side by side.
May every memory that you share of dreams you've seen come true.
Help make this special silver day, a happy one for you!