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Girlfriends Birthday Gift Ideas

Wondering what gift to buy for your girlfriend, and you've only got hours or minutes to spare?

A word of warning gentlemen, no homemade gifts for your girlfriend!

Gift ideas for your girlfriend:-

Men are notorious for being unable to choose appropriate gifts for their girlfriends!

The most important thing about any gift is that you have remembered! - whether it's a birthday, special anniversary or valentine's day - remembering it is the first and most important step.

Most women will be pleased to receive flowers- not only will they last a long time, but they can be shown off to their friends and as the bouquet is put together for you - there's little chance of getting it wrong!

Here's a few more ideas to get you going:-

Gifts for Girlfriends By Ken Marlborough

Diamonds have always been more of a man's best bet than a woman's best friend. Jewels, baubles, clothes, and accessories are also widely gifted - and less costly - articles.

Flowers are another economical gift that can make your girlfriend feel good. Good looking timepieces work the dual duty of telling your girlfriend the time, and making her think of you whenever she needs the time of the day. A handbag is of incomparable use to women. Its inherent portability makes for an unforgettable gift - more so if it is a conversation piece or if it is basically strong and of good quality.

There are a number of gifts available for girlfriends. Depending on the occasion and situation, almost anything can be gifted to them. The rule of thumb, “It’s the thought that counts”, applies even to girlfriends. Though the latest four-wheeler would make a lot of a difference to your girlfriend, even that cute soft toy has its own place in her world.

Although most women are literally turned off by gizmos and gadgets, the latest cell phone or music system would make an excellent gift if your girlfriend is technologically inclined. Depending on her interest in music, music CDs are also good gift articles. A camera, preferably a digital camera, works well to preserve the sweet memories of a relationship.

Lingerie can also be gifted - depending on the level intimacy between the two of you. Sometimes, gifting lingerie is that one stroke needed by the boyfriend to take the relationship a step further. Cosmetics and perfumes are another type of gifts that never ceases to delight. There is a huge range of cosmetics designed for all parts of the body from head to toe. A person can easily gift the entire set of a cosmetic range to his girlfriend.

If your girlfriend has recently moved into a new apartment, or is just redoing her house, decorative household goods are your best bet for gifts.

If this is a new girlfriend it's wisest not to overwhelm her with a big gift - a really beautiful bouquet of flowers is pretty much the ideal gift - especially in these circumstances or how about making a homemade gift basket for a special present?

Do avoid choosing anything that reflects her personal taste unless you've actually heard her exclaim how much she LOVES it as she passed the shop!

If in doubt, ask the advice of a female work colleague or friend!

Best of luck with choosing a gift for your girlfriend.

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