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Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 60 years of marriage? what a wonderful achievement. Diamonds are associated with romance and eternity, definitely appropriate for a couple celebrating 60 years of marriage.

You’ve been married for a long time now and it’s your diamond wedding anniversary, this is typically the 60th wedding anniversary, a day few people are lucky enough to celebrate with the one they love.

Thus it is the perfect reason to have a big party and celebrate your sixty wonderful years of love. The party can be a small and intimate gathering or a big surprise filled with everyone from your past.

Whatever you choose to do for yourselves or someone else decides to do for you, adding a theme will add something extra special to your celebration and get everyone in the mood. Here are some fun ideas for party themes.

Wedding Anniversary Dance the Decades

Have a theme where you go back in time, to the year when you were married. If you have a DJ or are playing music you can choose popular music from each decade and have couples dance through the years reminiscing about what happened during those years and where they were. You can also display things from the year the happy couple was married or do comparisons on things, like the price for a gallon of gas, a new home, a car, a loaf of bread and so on.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary White Party

Diamonds are clear but they don’t make clear clothing so instead go white and have a white party. They do it in the Hamptons each year, everyone dresses in white and the entire venue is decorated in white and clear decorations. Not only is it beautiful and angelic, it’s pure and will remind guests of the pure love these two people share.

60th Wedding Anniversary Memory Books

Have people put together photo albums of the couple through the years. Decorate the place with blown up photos of the two at different points in their lives. Then show a video montage of photos and video clips of them during their sixty years of marriage. There won’t be a dry eye in the crowd.

Diamonds for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Since it is a diamond anniversary have the place and everyone in bling bling. They don’t have to be real diamonds, they can be rhinestones and such as long as they shine. It will be a stunning palace and everyone will feel like a million bucks.

Gifts Ideas for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Flower

Unfortunately, there is no traditional wedding anniversary flower associated with a 60th wedding anniversary. Your wife would still love to receive a bouquet of flowers! For a diamond for wedding anniversary send a bouquet of white flowers or you can include white flowers as a theme in decorations for a 60th wedding anniversary party.

Even if it’s not your sixtieth wedding anniversary you can call your diamond anniversary by surprising your loved one with a diamond present.

Here are some good ideas:-

Diamond Stud Earrings

They’re classic and elegant. A woman can wear them with anything and always look timeless. Diamond stud earrings are the perfect anniversary gift, it’s something your wife can wear with pride and show off to all her admirers.

Diamond Studded Watch

A classy gift the gentleman in your life will love. It’s suave, sexy and shows him off as a stylish man. Plus he’ll love being able to look down at his fancy watch and think of you, his beloved.

Diamond Encrusted Photo Album

This is perfect for a man or woman, get a really nice steel finish album and have diamonds put into the surface. Then fill it with photos of the two of you throughout the years. Looking at your happy memories in this beautiful album will make you smile for sure.

Diamond Cufflinks

If you go out a lot of your husband needs to dress up for work on a daily basis he will love some diamond cufflinks. These will make him feel special and everyone at work will be jealous of his incredible style.

A husband and wife may wish to give each other new rings or wedding bands - perhaps engraved or monogrammed, to treasure.

It's also a great time for family to get together and buy special trips that the couple have been longing to do - a trip to Europe or a flight to that place with special memories.