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Wedding Gift Ideas

You have received a wedding invitation in the mail, one of your friends or family members are getting married. Of course you are thrilled about this news but now comes the all important task of finding just the right gift for the happy couple. Gift giving plays an important part of your wedding day.

There are three main reasons to give out gifts at a wedding.

First, gifts given by the guests to the bride and groom, secondly, gifts given from the bride and groom to their guests in the form of wedding favors; and finally, gifts given from the bride and groom to those who have helped in the preparation of their wedding day.

Wedding Gifts for the Bride & Groom

Most couples who are getting married these days will sign up at a department store for their gift registry service so you can always select a gift from the list that falls in your budget. However some guests prefer to be a little more creative and come up with a unique gift idea that will create a memorable impression for years to come.

Friends may choose to contribute to a big ticket item like something for the home, a weekend get away, or a piece of art.

Wedding Gift Registry

Most department stores will have a service to allow your wedding guests to view your gift list and order items off the list. Your guests do not even have to go into the store but order on line and write a personal message on an electronic gift card.

Wedding Favors for Guests

You do not have to use Hallmark wedding gifts, you can be so much more creative. There are so many things you can use for favours. Couples have given anything from sugared almonds to packets of seeds.

The most popular however, you can custom make your own personalized gifts.

Companies provide a range of boxes, pails and other containers in which you can fill with little goodies and chocolates for your guests.

One of the most popular things to do is to get both the bride and groom’s names put into individual pieces of rock. The beauty with creating your own favours is that they do cut costs and make them a lot more unique, and can stop the possibility of other couples having similar gifts.

Plus you can impose your wedding theme and art work a lot more easily.

Thank You Wedding Gifts

The giving of gifts for those who have helped during the preparation is very important, as it shows those who have had a big impact on your special day. Traditionally, gifts are given to the brides parents, for paying, the best men and bridesmaids.

Wedding gifts for your mum and dad can be hard to find. Many couples simply buy a bottle of wine for their parents, but there are other gifts that you could give relatives.

It can be good to give helpers something more personal to them. Other couples give the same gift to all helpers to remind them of their wedding. One idea for this is stimulant diamond necklaces for the girls and engraved hip flasks for the men. You could also give small gift baskets if you do not have many presents to give, you can put anything in these baskets from candles, to wine, to chocolates and flowers.

Some brides like to give wedding gifts to her husband. This can be a really nice thing to do for your new spouse to tell him how much your appreciate all they have done.

Instead of the normal basket a romantic basket could be given to your spouse, full of goodies for your honeymoon. The same goes for the other way around, as the bride is often the one who organises the majority of the wedding. These particular gifts could be used or new, for it is not the expense in this particular gift that is important but the thought behind it.

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