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Really Romantic Ideas

The most simple and inexpensive romantic idea is simply to whisper ‘I love you’ to your partner.

Its effective; it never goes out of style.

If you want to sacrifice a little more of your time and money to make your other half happy, then start by working out what would make them smile. To do this you might need to talk to some of their close friends or relatives, but more often than not you will have a pretty good idea of what they would enjoy.

Romantic Gift Ideas

Remember to make it personal, flowers in general might not impress her so much, but if you buy her a huge bunch of her favourite flowers (in her favorite color) then it might blow her away. Don’t just buy her a box of chocolates from the local superstore, find out whether she likes dark, white or milk the best, and which Chocolatier is her top choice.

Don’t forget that surprises are a great way to be romantic, as long as its well thought out. If the person can see the effort you have put into it, they will appreciate it so much more. Take time to think about what to wear to your romantic event, a dress is the perfect option for girls and a shirt is the best choice for men.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

A great outdoor idea is a picnic. It classic, and its difficult to mess up! Start by deciding on a location and a time, a sunny summer’s evening works well; you can eat your food and then watch the sun go down. Make sure to have thought about where you can get the food and what kind of food to purchase.

How about a cute personalized cupcake, or a variety of their favorite dishes? Have a feast prepared, be generous, and don’t buy too much food that will go off too quickly. Keep surprising your partner by taking out each mini dish one by one. Just remember two things: that being bloated is not attractive, and neither is forgetting the forks!

Romantic Birthday Ideas for Men

Your boyfriend or husband will appreciate surprises and the opportunity for him to be the centre of attention for once! So be extravagant, go that step further to show how much you care.

For a birthday for example, you could start by cooking him breakfast, then taking him out to visit his fave place or maybe family, then in the evening book him tickets to see his favorite music at an awesome location. End with a drink in the VIP section of a cool bar and then off to a fancy hotel for the night. How about giving him a present every hour? Plan it, take your time and enjoy creating such a special day for the one you love.

Romantic Ideas for Valentines Day

If you are planning a romantic idea together, for Valentine’s day or a Honeymoon, then make sure that you travel in as much style and luxury as your budget will afford. Make your romantic travel destination somewhere you have never been before, so its exciting for both of you. An anniversary vacation for two might involve say a weekend stay at a nearby spa, but try and go that extra mile and perhaps hire a chauffeured car for the journey there.

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be hard, but if you keep speaking to each other on the phone then your relationship should not suffer. Some cute ideas are to send the other person little offerings once in a while, and love letters too. Be thoughtful and write sweet notes to them...taking inspiration from the book ‘Love Letters of Great Men and Women’. This is a great source for those online dating too; love poems are a great way of communicating emotion.

Date Ideas

First dates can be really nervewracking, but remember that you both feel this way. Don’t pretend to be someone your not, confidence and positivity are the most attractive qualities. For guys on a first date, don’t forget the all important red rose, and girls don’t forget to take time to make yourself look stunning. Romantic ideas need not be too complicated, but they should be well prepared and thoughtful.

Romantic Gifts

Top 10 Romance Novels

  1. Bet Me ~ Jennifer Cruise
  2. This Heart of Mine ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  3. Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy ~ Nora Roberts
  4. A Knight in Shining Armor ~ Jude Deveraux
  5. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake ~ Sarah MacLean
  6. The Duchess ~ Jude Deveraux
  7. Whitehorn Woods ~ Maeve Binchy
  8. Three Nights of Sin ~ Ann Mallory
  9. Caressa's Knees ~ Annabel Joseph
  10. Wild Card ~ Lora Leigh

Top 10 Romantic Movies

  1. Casablanca
  2. Gone With the Wind
  3. West Side Story
  4. Roman Holiday
  5. An Affair to Remember
  6. The Way We Were
  7. Doctor Zhivago
  8. It's A Wonderful Life
  9. Love Story
  10. City Lights

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