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I started this website because I found it hard to find ideas for those special occasions, rather than sites selling products, so there seemed to be a need for some input on ideas, suggestions and help for those special events.

So we created this site to offer ideas for all those special family occasions and celebrations.

Since we started the business back in 2005 we've always taken pride in the close relationship we have with our customers.

Our easy-to-contact philosophy has worked well so we have no plans to change.

Below are all our contact details.

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About Us

Our website is about ideas for those special occasions that come around once a year or even less often.  Finding ideas about what to do, gifts to bring, expected etiquette, can all help relieve the stress and add to the enjoyment.

My first website was a site about poetry and poems - again, it grew from something which I enjoyed and has become pretty popular.

As Christians, we have tried to ensure that this site is family friendly - if you see anything that you feel is inappropriate - please do get in touch.

We have had a lot of fun writing for it, researching information, finding great pictures and realising that people are enjoying what they read.