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  • The sixteen birthday party is traditionally the first "grown up" party for your teenager. Tips on choosing gifts, organizing celebrations and creating experiences to remember.

  • Tips on how to celebrate18th birthday "coming of age" - with information ,party theme and gift ideas to make their day sizzle with excitement

  • Memorable 21st birthday gifts and present. Turning 21 is a special occasion, so marking it with a real celebration and torrent of gift giving will create memories of their twenty first birth day to treasure

  • Top 21st birthday party games & ideas . Celebrate your coming of age with a bang!

  • Turning 30 ? Great birthday party celebration & gift ideas, whatever your budget. Great experiences to remember ...

  • Celebrating a 40th birthday ? Ideas for celebrations for turning 40. Parties, gifts, jokes, limericks and quotes

  • You only turn 50 once, so make it a memorable occasion ! Creative party ideas, special birthday supplies and absolutely no over-the-hill jokes

  • For someone who's reached that special age, there's only one opportunity to find the right 60th birthday party ideas and gifts for a celebration that's really special!

  • Planning a 70th birthday party is a one-off opportunity to create a wonderful celebration of reaching another special age or decade

  • Find baptism & baby christening gowns, tips on writing speeches, traditional gifts for newborns & babies. The traditional ceremony of christening a child is one of those rites of passage ...

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  • Find the best baby gifts - browse our ideas for newborn & baby presents to delight both child and parents

  • Celebrating your baby's first birthday is a special time for you and the wider family. Easy party & gift ideas to make the day a memorable occasion.

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  • Find gift ideas with a best friend theme - makes choosing the right gift easy for that special friend in your life

  • Funeral poems can express our innermost thoughts and feelings at a time when the right words can be hard to find. Whether you are looking for funeral poems to express your own...

  • Plenty of gift & party ideas for the birthday boy or girl - whatever their age. Creative ideas for celebrating and partying for guys & girls of all ages.

  • Find boys toys & gadgets for your boyfriend . Don't worry what to give your guy - check out our gift ideas and find inspiration ....

  • The right bridal shower games can make an enjoyable evening for every guest. Tips on creating themed invitations and more ...

  • Welcome to Bridal Shower ideas! Hosting a bridal shower is a real opportunity to bless and encourage your friend as she is about to step out into the world as a newly married...

  • Planning your Wedding Day Planning a wedding day is a most exciting time - as bridesmaid, you will play a key role in supporting the bride through the next few weeks and months until the wedding. She...

  • Welcome to our Christmas 2006 page. Christmas is a special time of year when we remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and sometimes get fraught about what to buy...

  • Welcome to our Christmas Holidays page. Christmas is a special time of year when we remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and sometimes get fraught about...

  • Welcome to Christmas Home Decor 2009. Looking for inspiration for decorating your home for the festive season ?

  • May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. ~ L.O. Baird Welcome to our Christmas Gift Ideas page. Christmas is a special...

  • May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. ~ L.O. Baird Welcome to our Christmas Party Ideas page. Christmas is a special...

  • Planning your Christmas celebrations with friends & family? Easy & fun party ideas to entertain and enjoy

  • Simple & fun party ideas for kids - easy to play games, food, themes & party supplies

  • Welcome to our christmas poems & readings page The wonder of Christmas - celebrating everything from the nativity story to christmas stockings.  The Christmas play or performance is one of...

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  • Please get in touch with us via email - we are always happy to respond to your questions and enquiries

  • Lost a loved one ? Coping with bereavement is a process

  • Creative ways to propose marriage - we can't guarantee that she'll say yes, but our ideas are 100% romantic, which you know she'll love ...

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  • Welcome to our Easter holiday 2015 page. When is Easter? Forthcoming Easter 2016 holiday dates are:- Good Friday...

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  • Need an inspired gift idea for dad this Father's Day ? Here's some creative ideas for getting him a great present

  • Father's Day ideas Father's Day was first celebrated in 1909. It is now a national holiday in many countries and is observed around the world. The date of Father's Day is always the 3rd Sunday of...

  • Father's Day 2012 - Centenary Celebrations. Fathers Day was first celebrated in 1909. Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman whose father, William Smart, had brought her and her five brothers and sister up single handedly, wanted...

  • Father's Day prayer & blessing Welcome to fathers day prayer & blessing. You'll find a great father's day prayer and blessing at Poem4Today. Thanks for visiting father's day prayer &...

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  • Dozens of ideas for running a successful baby shower - including invitations, party games, themes, etiquette & planning, make it an event everyone will remember

  • Help with planning your bridal shower - games, printables (bingo), invitations, themes, food, etiquette and more.

  • Welcome to THE store for free personalized letters from Santa! Enjoy the magic and wonder of Christmas - captured in a child's eyes as they read their very own, personalised, letter from Santa! Would...

  • Welcome to THE store for free printable letters from Santa! Enjoy the magic and wonder of Christmas - captured in a child's eyes as they read their very own, personalised, letter from Santa! Remember...

  • Favorite funeral hymns & popular funeral songs

  • Creating handouts for the funeral is a simple process, simply follow a few easy steps

  • Favorite funeral hymns & popular funeral songs for a memorial or eulogy

  • Planning a Funeral Service May I express my sympathy at the loss of your loved one.   The funeral service will  give an opportunity to offer thanks for the life of your loved one, and in...

  • Beautiful funeral prayers to read out at funeral services

  • Find gift ideas for baby, birthday, 21st, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, teens or any gift-giving special occasion

  • Easy gift ideas for your dad, husband, boyfriend or that special guy in your life. Forget any romantic presents, buy him a gadget, tool or experience ....

  • Many parents and family members agonise over choosing the right graduation gifts - what to buy, how much to spend - so here's a few easy ideas for inspiration

  • Don't know what gift to buy for your girlfriend ? Here's some easy & romantic gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend or the female in your life

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  • Welcome to graduation ideas! As one of the major events in anyone's life, your graduation will be a day to remember. So, how do you celebrate it, what do you wear and where do you move on to ...

  • Welcome to our Maid of Honor duties & speeches suggestions.   Here's some ideas on how to be a great maid of honor, how to carry out your duties on the day and how to give a toast or speech....

  • You've been going out for a while, so just how do you get him to propose ? How to get that engagement ring sooner than you think ...

  • Welcome to wedding speeches! If you have been asked to give the wedding speech, there two things which you need to do:- 1. Be prepared 2....

  • Welcome to wedding toast ideas! No need to be nervous about giving a wedding toast, we have some great ideas for your wedding toast:- funny free e xamples of Wedding Toasts Wedding Speeches and...

  • Welcome to how to make an advent calendar. Christmas is a special time of year when we remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and decorate the home with festive...

  • Welcome to how to make an advent wreath. Christmas is a special time of year when we remember events of over 2000 years ago, spend time with family and friends, and sometimes get fraught about what...

  • Welcome to best man speeches! If you have been asked to give the best man's speech, there two things which you need to do:- 1.        Be prepared 2....

  • Welcome to our ideas for writing your own wedding vows. If you're considering creating your own vows - make sure that you discuss it with the vicar or minister who will be presiding at your wedding...

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury From: Health Communications Inc. Welcome to humorous christmas poems! Twas a Computer Christmas Author Unknown T'was the night before Christmas, and all...

  • Creative and unusual ideas for those special occasions. Tips on finding the perfect gift ...

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  • Welcome to irish blessing & wedding toast ideas! For a traditional Irish blessing and toast :- Irish Blessing - May the road rise up to meet you May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be...

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  • Creative romantic ideas to help keep the flame of love alive in your relationship. Keep your love life healthy & alive with our tips on increasing the romance in your lives through gift giving, love poems ...

  • Find flower ideas for your wedding day , how to choose between fresh floral arrangements and silk, learn to make your own bridal bouquet

  • Memorial poems for planning eulogies and funeral speeches

  • Welcome to our free wedding vows & ideas! Congratulations on your engagement. Choosing the right words, for your romantic wedding vows, is so important, words such as I love you, you are my best friend....

  • You know your mom deserves the best. Pick from the top mothers day gift ideas for your mum ....

  • Welcome to Mother's Day ideas - tips for choosing the perfect gift and ideas for celebrating this special day for mom ...

  • Gift ideas for baby & new parents - from sending a card to celebrate the safe arrival of a newborn, to choosing the right gift , whether it's a baby boy or girl, find the perfect present ...

  • I stood at the door of the New Year and I said "Give me a light that might see my way safely into the unknown." But a voice came to me and said, "Instead, step into the darkness and take the hand of...

  • Welcome to party celebration ideas. We've found some great sites for party ideas. Looking for creative party theme ideas find some great ideas that you and your guests will love! Fun...

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  • Favorite funeral hymns & popular funeral songs

  • Wedding songs for your special day! You have been waiting and planning for your wedding day.  Everything has to be just perfect - the wedding songs, weddings vows, wedding speeches and toasts....

  • Retirement ideas Welcome to retirement ideas! Coming soon:- retirement letter retirement party retirement invitation Ideas for a Retirement Speech Retirement Speech Examples retirement speech...

  • Sometimes we need to find a special or different way to say "I love you", maybe for the first time. For romantic ideas and creative ways to express this most special of emotions ...

  • Writing the first few words of any love letter can be a challenge - read our inspiration on how easy it is to create romantic words to win her heart

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  • funeral-sample-program-ideas.html

  • Short Christmas Poems Welcome to Short Christmas Poems! Here's a selection of popular & short christmas poems:- Christmas is Coming Anon Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please...

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  • Welcome to our free wedding vows & ideas! Here's some simple ideas for words you can use to make your special & unique promises to the one you love:- I (first name) affirm my love for you,...

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  • Your teen is never too old or too cool for gifts - though you may find choosing one harder than when they were a child. Here's our tips on buying a great birthday gift for your teenager ...

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  • Welcome to our free traditional wedding vows & ideas! The traditional wedding ceremony vows starts with the couple being asked:- Do you, (Name), take (Name), to be your (wife/husband)?"...

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  • Celebrate Valentine's day with romantic & creative ideas, love poems & gifts. Tips on how to express love & bring more romance into your relationship

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  • Welcome to wedding cake ideas

  • Planning your special wedding day is the most exciting time of your life! You’re looking forward to a lifetime with the one you love … but there’s one hurdle to cross first ...

  • May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. ~ L.O. Baird Welcome to wedding gift ideas ! We have some great ideas for wedding...

  • Welcome to wedding invitation ideas. Wedding invitations are traditionally printed in black, on white or cream card. You will find ideas for wording for a wedding invitation below. You will probably...

  • Welcome to wedding poems - for a comprehensive list of free wedding poems , visit Poem 4 Today. Here a couple of favourite poems that you might like to consider for your wedding day:- To Be One With...

  • Welcome to wedding prayers! download f ree W edding Prayers - see the download file below Click to download your free prayers . Thanks for visiting Special Moments, I hope you found everything you...

  • Welcome to your favorite wedding readings page!

  • Planning your Wedding Day Welcome to wedding reception ideas! It is traditional for the bride and groom to arrive first at the wedding reception, followed by the bridesmaids & best man, and the...

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  • These days more women are choosing to speak at weddings, from the Mother of the Bride or Groom, Maid of Honor, to the Bride herself, so here's some ideas on what to say

  • Welcome to our Cinco de Mayo celebration page. What is Cinco de Mayo? What does cinco de mayo mean? well, you may have already guessed it, it's the 5th of May ! Learn a little more about this Mexican...