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Simple Wedding Vows For Your Special Day

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Here's some simple ideas for words you can use to make your special &
unique promises to the one you love:-

I (first name) affirm my love for you, (first name), as I ask you to share my life. You are the most wonderful, kind and thoughtful person I know, and Ipromise always to love and respect you. With kindness, unselfishness and trust, I will stay by your side to create a wonderful life together.

I take you (first name) to be my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold,from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live.


(First Name), I love you. You are my best friend. Today I give myself to you in marriage. I promise to encourage and inspire you, to laugh with you, andto comfort you in times of sorrow and struggle.

I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard.   I promise to cherish you, and to always care for you. These things I give to you today, and all the days of our life.

For Christians, you may consider a version of this wording:-

(First Name), I love you. I want to be your husband/wife so that we might serve Christ together. Through all of the challenges and trials of life, I promise to be faithful to you and love you, so that together we may grow in the likeness of Christ and that our home may be a testimony to His love.

Wedding Vows

May we forever be lovers,
May we forever be friends,
And should we hurt each other,
May we quickly make amends.

May we enjoy our passion,
But never let compassion die,
Thinking in selfless terms as we,
Never emphasising I.

May we forever be soul-mates,
May our love eternally last,
May the food of love sustain us,
May we never have to fast.

May we use each other's strengths,
When we are feeling weak,
May we both learn to compromise,
And always as one voice speak.

May we never keep dark secrets,
May we never tell each other lies,
May we both work unceasingly,
To ensure our love never dies.

~ Clive Blake

I Will Always Love You

Life is full of changes...
As we learn and grow, our thoughts
and beliefs change, feelings often change too.
But some things are forever...
Like the certainty that I will always love you.
You are and will always be my dearest
friend, my one and only true love.
You are the most special, most desirable,
most lovable, most exciting and by far
the most precious person I have ever known.
Before I met you, there was a void in my life...
Since I met you I've come to realize that no one but you
could ever fill that void.

My Wedding Vow

My promise to you is simple,
I'll endure until the end.
I'll be your one and only,
Your lover and your friend,
I'll listen and I'll nurture,
I'll fight and I'll be true.
I'll do my equal share and I
will never give up on you.
I'll try to do my very best, to
fulfill your every need.
I'll walk beside you hand in hand,
I'll help you to succeed.
I'll be your constant equal,
I'll give you room to grow,
I'll tend to you when you are sick,
build you up when you are low.
I stand before these witnesses,
And I say unto you,
No matter what hard times we face,
Our love will make it through.

Irish Wedding Vow

By the power that Christ brought from heaven, mayst thou love me.
As the sun follows its course, mayst thou follow me.
As light to the eye, as bread to the hungry, as joy to the heart, may thy presence be with me, oh one that I love, till death comes to part us

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