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70th Birthday Party Ideas

Born in 1949?

Celebrating your seventieth is a real achievement - and one that your family and close friends are likely to want to celebrate with you.

Celebrating your birthday is more likely to include a meal and a few drinks with friends, or perhaps a night out at a local restaurant.

This couple are celebrating together

Gift Ideas for a 70th Birthday

For milestone birthdays it's traditional to get an extra special present.

If there's a reasonable size family, then it may be appropriate for them to club together and pay for a special once-in-a-lifetime trip or experience.

Has Dad always wanted to play on a world-class golf course like a PGA pro? Why not treat him to an all-expenses paid weekend trip?

Has Mom been dreaming of shopping in the Champs Elysees in Paris but never been? How about treating her to an inclusive trip at a four star hotel ?

For friends, it can be harder to find the right birthday present - after all, what do you get for someone who's already got everything ? If that's your struggle, plan ahead and create a personalized gift for them - either with their initials or name on.

There's lots to choose from, from bathrobes, to golf tees, from personalised wine labels to monogrammed towels. Give them a taste of luxury!

Seventieth Birthday Party Ideas

Party Decorations

Most good party stores sell a range of items with "70" on - from banners to balloons, from serviettes to letter sprinkles.  Add in to the mix a big helium ballon with "seventy" on, and you've got the start of a real celebration.

Birthday Cake

For the cake, you're not going to want to burn the house down with that many candles, but you can get candles in a "7" and and "0" that you can light, or perhaps try lighting just seven candles, one for each decade.

If the birthday boy or girl has a special hobby, it's a great gesture to have a themed cake made - whether it's golf, a favorite car or possibly with family photos on the top. 

Birthday Party Resources

Party ideas with a 50s theme - tips on how to create and where to find supplies and costumes