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Maid of Honor Duties & Speeches

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Here's some ideas on how to be a great maid of honor, how to carry out your
duties on the day and how to give a toast or speech.

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A Maid of Honor's Responsibility

By Nikola Marshall

You’ve been asked to do the honors for your friend at her wedding. You need to
be aware that there is much more to it than holding the bouquet during the ceremony.

Probably the most important job you will have is keeping the bride somewhat calm and sane from planning to the wedding. It will be a nonstop responsibility for you to utilize every stress-busting technique known to man! Listen to her when she needs an ear. Make sure she’s eating.

Shopping may be the next most important duty you will have. You may be asked to assist the bride in shopping for her dress. You will be in charge of helping the bridesmaids choose and buy their dresses. You may also be called into service to shop for the cake, caterers, photographer, anything that can be purchased. In tandem with this is helping with tasks such as addressing envelopes.

You will be in charge of planning and throwing the bachelorette party. The bridal shower is also your responsibility. Be sure to keep track of all gifts the bride receives at any function. This will aid her greatly when it comes time to send thank you notes.

Now the big day has arrived. No time to rest on your laurels yet. You need to make sure that the bridesmaids are at the ceremony, dressed and ready on time. The same goes for the bride. Make sure she is dressed and everything is in place. Check her veil, train and hair. You’ll need to do this before the wedding begins and again once you reach the altar.

You will be in possession of the groom’s ring during the ceremony. You will also be in charge of the bride’s bouquet.

Once the vows have been exchanged, you will sign the marriage license and dance with the best man during the first official dance.

Your final duty as maid of honor will be to toast the newlyweds. Then, you may enjoy the festivities!

Nikola lives and writes in Oklahoma. She is a member of the Citizen's Police Academy Alumni, Volunteers in Policing and Skywarn. She enjoys reading, spending time with her two dogs and watching hockey.

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One of the most important traditions of a Maid of Honor is to give the Bride a Toast. Traditionally, you'll expect to say a few words about the bride - maybe a story about her, a little about how she met the groom and then your wishes for their happy future together.

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