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Your Own Personalized Letter
From Santa!

Enjoy the magic and wonder of Christmas, captured in a child's eyes.

As they read their very own, personalised, letter from Santa, you'll experience some of the magic of this festive season!

Would you like to create your own personalized letter for your child from Santa but don't know where to start?

Remember the excitement of getting something in the mail when you were a child? Now imagine if that “something” was a letter from Santa Claus!

And think how excited your child would be if the letter from Santa Claus was handwritten, said why the child had been good that year, and asked for confirmation regarding gifts the child wants for the holidays? You can provide that thrill for your child! Make sure your kid gets a letter from Santa Claus this year!

Then check out this great site that lets you download their "email Santa Claus" software for free!

You can then create a personalized letter for your child and print it out - a special gift from Santa!

Just visit Christmas e-books and click on the link at the top of the page where it says:-

"Download your FREE Email Santa Software Just for Visiting"

and you or your child can create an "email" to Santa and sit and watch while he replies with a wonderful, personalized letter.

The great thing is that Santa is so happy to hear from them that within less than a minute he has sent a personalized email reply to them which will delight your child.

They also offer some useful Christmas activity books to keep the kids happy and occupied over the festive season! They also offer some Christmas recipes for mum and some traditional Christmas stories to read to your children.

If you're looking for a free printable letter to Santa which is personalized with your child's name, town, and present list, you can use this easy & fun "email Santa" software.

Get in the Christmas spirit and visit now to create your free personalised letter, click here.

For your child, quick 'n' easy download of free letters from Santa.

Thanks for visiting our Christmas page devoted to free personalized Letters from Santa.