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Christmas Party Ideas

During the holiday season, there are many parties to attend and – for some people – to plan.

This time of year is already stressful and hectic, so you’ll want to keep your party ideas as simple as possible.

Here are some Christmas party ideas that are both fun and simple:-

Place Settings

If your party includes a sit down dinner, try using Christmas ornaments as place settings. Simply write each guests name on the ornament with a metallic marker and the guest will not only be able to find his seat, but he’ll have a wonderful keepsake as well.

Sight, Sounds and Smells

To create an atmosphere that fully embraces the holiday season, you should consider sight, sounds and smells.

Be sure that your tree and other holiday lights are ready to go. Consider lining the walkway leading to your house with candles or other luminaries. Have classic Christmas music (think Bing or Frank) playing softly in every room where guests are likely to mingle.

As a finishing touch, light candles scented in ways that remind you of Christmas. Pine, peppermint and the scent of baking apple pie are a few ideas.

Gift Exchange

It’s a lot of fun to have a gift exchange at a Christmas party. Of course, if you draw names ahead of time, there is always the chance that someone won’t show up at the party. Instead, ask everyone to bring a small gift that is appropriate for both men and women. As each person enters the party, their gift is assigned a number.

Later, each guest will pick a number and receive the gift with the corresponding tag.

Gift for your Guests

Another good idea is to present each guests with a small token gift as they leave the party. It could be a bottle of wine, an ornament, a decorated stocking or any other small gift.

A Giving Idea

Consider asking each of your guests to bring a food item or a toy to your party. All items collected can then be donated to a local charity such as a food pantry or homeless shelter.

Take their Keys

If your party is the type where the eggnog is spiked and flows freely, consider collecting the guest’s keys as they enter the party. When it’s time to leave, they can only have their keys if they are sober. Otherwise, you call them a cab.

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