St Patrick’s Day Tale

On damp, cold winter days
Mum cooked delicious hearty breakfasts.
Hot barley and perfectly poached eggs
Served on soda bread.

Savoury salt pork and cabbage
Simmered slowly in a large crockpot
With choice spicy mutton
For a delectable Irish stew.

Springtime in Killarney
Arrived with arms wide open.
Emerald countryside awakened
To sweet lilts of birdsong.

We strolled through lush green meadows
Bathed in fresh morning dew
And plucked dainty shamrocks
Amid fragrant ferns and wildflowers.

Mischievous little leprechauns
Grinned their widest elfish grins.
Offered shimmering pots of gold
Full of enchantment and mystery.

Father played festive jigs and reels
On his fine fiddle.
We kicked up our heels and frolicked
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

~ Laura Ewing